Identification and localization of next-of-kin


When a person dies intestate (without leaving a will), close relatives must be identified so that the estate can be liquidated, in the order laid down by the civil code or by the jurisdiction of the competent country. Research must be conducted in accordance with the law on testamentary devolution in the country in which the deceased was living.


This task can prove complex and laborious, depending on the country, the degree of the heirs, the language spoken and the resources available. Our team will be by your side, helping you identify and locate heirs so that the settlement of the estate can begin without worry.

We take on even the most complex cases. In our office, all cases are important and deserve the same quality of treatment.

Étude Généalogique Savary is known for handling complex cases, particularly ones in which there is no known family. Genealogical research often involves identifying hundreds of persons to determine the degree of relationship of heirs.

We support you throughout the entire process of settling the estate, dealing with the most fastidious tasks that do not represent a source of added value for your office:

  • Retrieval of certificates and documents for the purpose of verifying the devolution of the estate and the degree of each heir
  • Locating heirs worldwide
  • Communicating with the many heirs, explaining and demystifying the estate process with successors particularly when there is no known family.


Peace of mind

Simplified communication

Reduced administrative work

Multiple methods of remuneration

Recommended remuneration methods

“Obligation of result” clause

In the great majority of cases, no fees are payable if the mandate is unsuccessful.

Hourly rate

The work is performed at a fixed hourly rate, from initial research through to locating every heir.

Fixed price

Whenever it is possible to estimate the amount of work to be performed, our team can offer you a fixed price to cover all the research.

No cost overruns!

Fees by retrocession

Our fees are covered by arrangements agreed to by the heirs. Payment is made only at the time of final settlement, at the same time as settlement is received by the heirs.

Our expertise, experience and resources enable us to draw up the family tree of a deceased person with certainty and to identify and locate all successors.

I just wanted to thank for your professionalism and kind customer support over the last number of months on the Detwiler file. I am delighted that the result of your good efforts has been positive.

Peter (heir)


"I am the executor of an estate. I had no contact for 15 years with one of my nephews, an heir, and nobody knew where he lived. I called on Mr. Christophe Savary and his team who found him in a very short time, to the satisfaction of the whole family."

Jean-Marie Beauséjour


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